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piero bala

54岁来自 意大利未婚
身高:180 cm
收入:$50,000 to $74,999


  • 名:piero
  • 教育程度:Bachelor
  • 姓:bala
  • 职业:Professional/Technical
  • 出生年月:1965-07-18
  • 当前收入:$50,000 to $74,999
  • 民族:Caucasian
  • 是否吸烟:Nonsmoker
  • 母语:Italian
  • 是否饮酒:Socially/On occasion
  • 身高:180cm
  • 有无小孩:有,和我一起


  • 0Going to Restaurants0
  • 0 Travel0
  • 0 Hiking/outdoor activities0
  • 0 Sports/exercise0
Nice to meet you! I'm piero bala. I'm a native of IT, it's a great country and I'd love to tell you more about at some point. I am 48 years old, so when I was born online dating was just a twinkle in some designer's eye. So far, I have not been fortunate enough to find my better half, but I'm hoping to change all that here! I like to drink, but only socially when I'm with friends or relatives. When it comes to smoking, I don't. My zodiac sign is Cancer, so I'm compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers. Also, I'm lucky to have kids, raising children is an amazing experience. ????I have a very positive and optimistic outlook on life, for me, the glass is always half full! I've been described as humorous by my friends, and I certainly know how to tell a joke or two. I'm known to those around me as a sportsman, and I do love to compete, but all in good fun. I think a great date is a beautiful candlelight dinner with great food and great conversation. Are you a lady who likes to swim in the ocean? Do you love the warm, tropical waters?


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